Robotic Fabrications

Initiated in 2016 with Director Emmanuel Vercruysse, Robotic Fabrications AA visiting school operates as a research branch of the Design + Make programme. Re-inventing traditional making techniques and tools, we apply them alongside digital fabrication tools and 3D scanning to develop innovative processes for physical production. ‘Chainsaw Choreographies’ [2016] explored the precision, petrol-fuelled territory where code meets chainsaw, where ‘Bandsaw Manouevres’ [2017] investigated the flexible limits of a tensed blade. The pace of Robotic Fabrications is furious and offers a hands-on introduction to the world of robotics by prototyping timber structures. With a photo from: Erfan Azadi.



Emmanuel Vercruysse
Pradeep Devadass
Kate Davies
Gary Edwards
Michael Arnett