Year: 2015

Tree Fork Truss

Design + Make studio project. A robotically fabricated structure spanning 25 x 10 x 8m and composed of 20 distinct tree forks. The project focussed on developing a workflow for using complex pieces tree pieces disregarded by the timber industry. A survey of Hooke identified 204 potential forks in standing trees. 25 trees were felled with our forester. Detailed 3D scans were generated for each fork, and a script developed to optimise their arrangement. After machining each with a robotic arm, the forks were assembled in to two halves before moving to site.

Published in Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016 (PDF)


Martin Self
Emmanuel Vercruysse
Swetha Vegesana
Sahil Shah
Jack Draper
Pradeep Devadass
Charlie Corry Wright
Chris Sadd
Tim Halbery
Vivian Yang
Arup Engineers