Fork Truss Analysis


As an experimental structure constructed entirely of wood in a ‘green’ state, it was understood from the start that the truss would need to be monitored.

In the years since the Tree Fork Truss’ completion I have had the opportunity to continue to work on it as an active project, living just down the road. Alongside photographic observation and traditional surveying, I undertook to 3D scan the structure using LiDAR technology on three separate occasions: 2016, 2018 and 2021. Further analysis was carried out on scans captured during the prefabrication of elements of the structure.

Aligning the 3D scans captured over this period has enabled understanding of how the building has moved over time. The coloured images above depict deviation from the original design model accrued since 2016 – blue showing little and red showing the largest change. Based on these measurements, a few ‘fixes’ have already been applied to the structure to prevent any further concern, while other areas have been marked for careful monitoring.