Kitchen Garden


Work by D+M MArch students to develop a series of objects within the campus’ kitchen garden, expanding its function with a new greenhouse, water tower and boundary fence.

Alongside wooden elements, our students deployed rammed earth construction – attentive to thermal performance and environmental conditions. Having researched Hooke Park’s history, the garden became a microcosm for the broader site in which the students could test methodologies of continual building.

Through 2020 we were grateful for our woodland headquarters, Hooke Park enabling students to continue their work in person; to stay on the tools. Living on-site, their work demonstrated an exceptional engagement, which as MArch student Farid notes, went beyond the studio: “we were sharing meals, learning how to cook, playing sports, taking walks in the woods, hand-carving spoons, foraging fruits, and learning to plant and grow in the kitchen garden.”

Amina Yusopova
Farid Younesi
Thanatcha Cholpradit

Amica Dall
Charlie Corrywright
Christopher Sadd
Edward Coe
Georgie Corrywright
Giles Smith
Jean-Nicolas Dackiw
Martin Self